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    Wwise Implementation Video

    30 September 2016 , by Christopher James

    Simple demonstration using a sound caster session in Wwise audio middle-ware for sound FX, stingers and character actions. Read more

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    Golem’s Wake Global Game...

    30 May 2016 , by Christopher James

    Here’s a fun little resource game I developed the audio for. In Golem’s Wake, the player progressively create an army of Golem’s to defend their village and collect resources. These guardians are built and given life through rituals. The player must manage their own resources to create better Golem’s, defeat the slaver lizar... Read more

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    Rebel Dancer – Ludum Dar...

    30 January 2016 , by Christopher James

    Cheesy Arcade style beat‘em up with dancing moves! Unite kind rebels! Dance heartless regime servants to death! Download it here: http://gamejolt.com/games/rebel-dancer/113968   Read more

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